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Magic Art Inspiring Your Imagination

Magic Art enabling Magical Thinking

Magic Art breaks the chains of walking an ordinary path and creates a challenge for you to break through and discover the imagination stored within. In this world of other people’s stories, magic art provides a way to connect to your inner self.

Magic Art

Magic art gives you the ability to focus on, as well as look beyond, the mundane and establish a connection that provides meaning. This allows you to communicate within yourself. Your ability to think magically within the world of art helps you create your own story from the artwork. The image draws in your subconscious into the world of magical art thus making the piece come to life in a meaningful way.

The true value of magic art lies in the ability of the viewer to relate to the work on a personal level. If you rely on the artist to tell you the story of the painting, you do not get a feel of the magic hidden within the art. When you cultivate a thought process that goes beyond the ordinary and taps into a wide horizon of illusions, you’ve taken a step towards thinking magically. This creates an avenue to see and appreciate that which lies in the magic, in the art, and within yourself.

Your Mind and Magic

Magic is a thing of the mind; what is your state of mind? When I paint, it is to create something relatable for the viewer — to excite the brain chemistry behind thinking magically, thus bringing life from nothing. My art works are given abstract names, thereby creating a link between the magic art and the viewer without the influence of a descriptive title. You are given the freedom to relate to the work as you feel it for there are no wrong answers. Much of the art world dictates what you “should” see in an artwork; my work is user-centric and allows you the freedom to connect with the art on your own terms.

When you look at my Window Series — Inspiration for the Imagination, sit with the art and listen to the story it tells you.

You turn a painting from mere art to magical art by absorbing every line drawn, every color, and every shape on the canvas, feeling something within, and connecting that feeling with the magic art. This is what brings it to life — connecting the canvas to your reality and your story. Allowing yourself to feel whatever comes up when you’re viewing a painting is what makes it possible to think magically and makes every painting evolve into magic art.

KO Artworks has a reputable name across the United States known for creating magic and beauty on canvas and walls. I want you to feel the magic as well as see beyond what you normally see. Stay up to date on new works, sales, and events — follow us on Instagram and like our page on Facebook.