About The Artist

I am a classically trained artist whose work has been shown at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters in NYC as part of an Allied Artists of America exhibit, and Windsor Gallery in Miami, Florida. I used to paint for for the San Francisco Opera, ACT, The San Francisco Ballet, and movies that came to town.

My work is large and dramatic. My theatrical background and training is evident in each piece. Early in my career, I was successful in garnering shows and mural work but mid-career I moved to digital media to support my children as a single parent because a regular paycheck was needed. I continued to do murals and large wall hangings, but didn’t have the time to dedicate my all to my art. I’m now re-emerging and I’ve already had a solo show. I’ve taken my digital experience of creating user-centric online experiences and integrated this ethos into my paintings’ subject matter. I also love to paint strong female figures. My struggles as a single parent, helped me connect with my inner survivor and whereas this isn’t the main focus of my work, I hope that this ancillary aspect helps women feel more included in the art narrative.

About The Work

These recent works are viewer-centric and moving beyond an individualistic view of art. This is innovative because it flies in the face of the discourse taught in art-school. Instead of dictating the artist’s narrative, these images provide a path for anyone to connect to, and talk about the work without the fear of sounding stupid or not understanding the meaning. Instead of the top-down model where artists talk about themselves and their interpretation, this provides a way for the viewer to define how he/she interacts with the work. This is innovative because it is a flat model where all interpretations are valid and welcomed. The viewer is free to weave stories around the relationships and characters in the image. The artist is not dictating the experience. These works inspire new myths and new fables and shows windows that look into parts of scenes so the viewer can complete the picture. They tap into the mass unconscious so viewers will bring themselves to the conversation on a visceral level. When connecting one’s own story to an issue or topic, there is more meaning, value, and reason to act than if one is told what they should be seeing or doing.

In this world of social media and tv where people are watching others’ stories, this innovative approach provides a safe path for inspiration of the imagination, thus making the work personal for the viewer because the story is theirs (not mine). In these narratives, there is no wrong answer. This makes the art more accessible and innovative because the viewer can make the story shown in the painting his or her own. The viewer invents, creates, and innovates with help from the image.

Bright colors and dramatic images are used to draw in the viewer. The work is based on classical poses so it is familiar to the audience, thus making it friendlier. The art world can be judgmental; these works provide a safe experience which has not been provided in our art/viewer relationships of the past (e.g. the typical gallery experience). This way more people can interact with art, because the intimidation around it is removed. The canvas tells a story when the image is being created, the work is given an abstract name so there is no prescriptive title or clue about the meaning of the piece. This allows the viewer to be free to express his/herself in this new paradigm.

The Window Series – An Inspiration For The Imagination is my first venture into the way I create art these days. For example: When I drew in Window 1, I didn’t know she was pregnant, had a tattoo or a lizard.  Window 9 started out as an innocent kiss but turned into something much more provocative. I provide only part of the scene, just as a window pane does, so you can create your own story and complete the picture.

The New Fable and New Mythology series are similar to the Window series in execution but not content. I encourage you to make up a new myth or a new fable based on the image. Make it relevant to the world we live in.

I also have still life and landscape paintings, as well as murals, and a series on carousel horses.

Support The Arts

The archival-quality prints of my work can be actual size or scaled down. You may also order custom sizes — just reach out for pricing. I offer free crating, shipping, and insurance on everything.

If you would like to commission a work, please contact me.

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Galleries and Exhibits

  • Allied Artist of America juried exhibition at The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, NYC – competition runner up “Cat in the Stairwell” – group show -1980
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery – Marian Parmenter curator – Various paintings – all sold – 1988 – 1996
  • Windsor Gallery, Miami, Florida – still life exhibit – group show – 1987
  • The Virginia Inn, Seattle – Patrice Demombynes curator –  “The Window Series – An Inspiration for the Imagination” – solo show – 2017
  • 1340Art – represented in the online gallery and featured in the magazine – “Red Spring,” “Window 11,” “New Mythology 3” – 2017
  • Light Space & Time online gallery – Special Recognition for Exceptional Art, Nature Art Exhibition for “Red Spring” 2017
  • Contemporary Art Gallery Online – All Colors Competition Winner “Window 11” 2017

Theater, Opera, TV, Movies

  • Painted San Francisco Opera backdrops and scenery; onstage touchup of traveling sets – Journeyman Scenic Artist
  • American Conservatory Theater: In-house productions and traveling shows – Journeyman Scenic Artist
  • TV Commercials – Journeyman Scenic Artist
  • Bill Graham presents – Scenic Artist
  • Movies: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Escape from Alcatraz,  made-for-TV movies, commercials – Scenic Artist
  • Westport Country Playhouse – Westport, Connecticut – Assistant Designer
  • Studio and Forum of Stage Design, New York, New York – Assistant to the Designer

Commissioned Work

  • Private commission, “Pan” 34”x72” acrylic on canvas – private collection Seattle 2017

Murals and Faux Finishes

  • Private residences in the SF Bay and Puget Sound Areas – various themes 1987 – 2017
  • Pediatric surgeon’s office in Spokane, WA – underwater mural 16’ x 6’ – 1998
  • Residential murals – San Francisco Bay Area 1990 – 1996
  • Residential murals – Puget Sound Area 1996 – 2017


  • University of California, Santa Cruz – Art
  • University of California, Berkeley – Architecture
  • School of Visual Concepts, Seattle – Digital Media
  • Studio and Forum of Stage Design, New York City – Scenic Art

Professional Organizations

  • Artist Trust