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  • architectural painting, faux marble, faux painting, faux finish, perspective, columns, cathedral, church interior, vaulted ceiling

    Architectural Art, a Classic Technique

    Architectural Art Architectural art brings elegance and order to any room. Art that contains architectural elements is great for any setting because of the beauty and uniqueness it portrays. It provides a reasoned and orderly element to any space.  I’m currently working on a piece that has an architectural background. It started me thinking about…

  • mythology, God, Pan, bunny, rabbit, owl, squirrel, silvan, forrest

    Neoclassical Painting Technique

    Neoclassical Painting Technique – an example My neoclassical painting, Pan, was commissioned by a couple who collect art and live in Seattle. The painting was a custom size and the content design specifically to their tastes. When I was painting this work, I kept them in the loop by taking photos and sending them updates…

  • Pangea, goddess, god, atlas, mother and child, heavenly, earthly

    Magic Art Inspiring Your Imagination

    Magic Art enabling Magical Thinking Magic Art breaks the chains of walking an ordinary path and creates a challenge for you to break through and discover the imagination stored within. In this world of other people’s stories, magic art provides a way to connect to your inner self.

  • painting the human figure, nude figure painting, large original painting, new fine art, limited edition prints, nude art paintings, painted nude women

    Figurative Painting and the Soul Connection

    Why Figurative Painting Speaks To Us Figurative painting has been popular for centuries because humans love to see other humans. Of course before the camera was invented, figurative painting was what chronicled events. Monarchs and The Church would hire painters to create portraits and scenes glorifying them. But our attraction to figurative painting is much…

  • limited edition fine art prints, acrylic figure painting, giclee art prints for sale, artist proof prints for sale,

    Neo-renaissance – New Classical Fine Art

    Neo-renaissance Resurgence Neo-renaissance is a term usually used when discussing Italianate architecture in the 1800s but I think it’s an apt description of my work. I am a classically trained artist and I love the paintings of the masters from the Renaissance. It was such a rich period of storytelling and romance. My recent series…

  • Gallery exhibit, Art Opening, large figurative paintings, match the couch

    My First Solo Art Show in Seattle

    My Art Show Opening Last Week My art show opening at The Virginia Inn last Thursday was part of the Pike Place Market and Belltown Artwalks. It’s entitled The Window Series — Inspiration for the Imagination. This iconic location has a history of supporting Seattle artists by providing a beautiful venue for the works and taking a percentage…