Hello! My paintings have been shown at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery and as part of an Allied Artists of America juried exhibition at the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters in New York City. I used to paint scenery for the San Francisco Opera but now paint large-format paintings and murals. My work is in homes and businesses across the United States.

My mission is to make art approachable to everyone. Instead of the top-down model where artists talk about themselves and their interpretation. I provide a flat model where all interpretations are valid and welcomed. I want to move the conversation past an individualistic view of art and tap into the unconscious effort of the masses.

For commissions and to become a patron of the arts, please reach out from the Contact page.

Note cards available of most of my work. $20 for 5 cards and envelopes + shipping. Please contact me with your order.

The Collections

Portraits & Fantasy

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Still life

still life, magnolia, tulip tree, celadon, vase, patina


Turner painting, Tinturn Abby, English artists, ruins, architectural painting


architectural painting, faux marble, faux painting, faux finish, perspective, columns, cathedral, church interior, vaulted ceiling

Carousel Horse Series

Carousel horse, merry-go-round, 4 horsemen


Angel, African American, rod, staff, sunset, sunrise, wings